ZIO of Dialog Dini Hari Brings Blues on Solo Album “See The Sun”

Dialog Dini Hari, a folk group based in Bali must be familiar to all indie music lovers across Indonesia and one of the member of the band is ZIO or also known as Michael Brozio Orah. Little do people know that the bassist is also jack of all trades, he can play multiple instruments, sing, and most definitely compose original numbers for himself. Thus, his solo album titled “See The Sun” was released back in 21 July 2017.

Does he bring folk tune like his band do? The answer is no and his solo materials are vastly different from Dialog Dini Hari’s music. The musician shows his roots with this album by bringing more blues and funk elements with prominent bass thumps and groovy beats. A total of 8 tracks can be found on this album, with different music influences in each number. As the opening track, “See The Sun” gives off an energetic feeling with grande arrangement to boost.


By :  thedisplay.net